Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Babieee :)

Here are some of my scan pictures for you, and also a couple of my bump :) I no have 10 weeks left untill my little bean comes a long, and im sooo excited as it gets closer and closer. Im also having a boy which im over the moon about, and i can not wait to meet him :)



  1. Aww great post kate x omg! i thought u was huge on the day you found out the bby was a he lol buut your HUGE now x :) x
    love you bye x

  2. Congrats!
    wow your scan pictures are so clear, love your tattoo aswel! hows pregnant life treatin you? xx

  3. Aww thanx for the comment, im so big now i cnt even see my tattoo lol. I love being pregant, i got 8 weeks left now, i wnt to meet him now tho, its dragging abit lol. Your daughter is beautiful by the way ") Xxx